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The House Game 2

The House of Da Vinci is a new must-try 3D puzzle adventure game. The House of Da Vinci 2 is an adventure game, released in by Blue Brain Games. Buy House of Doors 2 [Download]: Read Video Games Reviews - Amazon.​com. Die lang erwartete Fortsetzung von The House of Da Vinci ist endlich da! Schließe dich mehr als einer Million Spielern auf der ganzen Welt an und tauche in.


I have had Beat the House before on my ealier computer and it was a great game to play, I really did enjoy it. That is why I bought Beat the House 2, but. Blue Brain Games is an enthusiastic indie team of graphic artists and developers, all of whom are fans of both 3D puzzle games and the Renaissance genius. The House 2 Englisch: Im Horror-Game "The House 2" erwartet Sie alles andere als getraute Gastfreundschaft.

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The House 2 - Full Gameplay - No Commentary

Play online: The House 2 Legend has it that in this house an entire family committed suicide. The neighbors closed the house and wanted to know more after seeing ghosts inside. You have reopened the case and you must go to discover the reason for suicides. The House 2. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share The legend has it that there is a house in a small town. that has been closed and left empty for. Description: In The House 2 Explore a very scary house that has been left alone for decades because stories tell that their are poltergeists in this house. The original family that lived here committed suicide. Many people believe this house is cursed, but not it's time for you to explore and find out the truth. The House 2 April 23, Updated: January 4, This house is considered to be cursed. Nobody entered it for decades. The family who lived there commited suicide, but nobody knows why. TheHOUSE is a Flash horror point and click games created by SINTHAI Boonmaitree - SINTHAIstudio (THAILAND). Play Tavern Master Tavern Master Manage Rome Cup The wooden planks on the windows and doors show that the neighbours closed it for good. Submit Mobilebet.Com. Rumble Bee Collect coins Play online : The House 2 Legend has it that in this house an entire family committed suicide. When it does. But that's just Playmit legend Even if I'm horrible with jump scares. Try again! INTRO Scary backstory! For more information, finish the game. I don't mind the multiple clicks needed, that's equivalent to nothing B Etus happening in a horror movie until the next gasp. BE SCARED! When I clicked the key for the special room it just blacked out, But It was a really awesome game. NOT A bit. Oh well I felt like I needed to play it like at Einarmige Banditen moment.

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Oops, something went wrong. Try again! Oops, something went wrong while loading your game. Help Activate Flash to enjoy this game. PLAY NOW.

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Tell me more Cancel. Play more games. I couldn't wait to get started. I must say I was horribly disappointed and frustrated with the amount of clicking you have to do just to get to the next room.

I love the atmosphere and the effects; really scary, no complaints there. But a person can only click and click and click for so long before it's not worth it anymore.

Very annoying and frustrating. My everlasting gratitude to you, basseq! Not just for the walkthrough, but the brilliant verbal style that made it possible for me to keep my heart beneath my ribs every time "something" happened "wink, wink".

This is good interactive experience. I don't mind the multiple clicks needed, that's equivalent to nothing scary happening in a horror movie until the next gasp.

Hmm, is it still 'click til something happens'? Oh well That's the only thing I didn't like about these. The beauty of the House game is the atmosphere.

The music, setting. And this plays with suspense and nerves perfectly. Even if it is pointless, the suspense and the feeling of 'ohholycrap holy crap, what'sgoingtohappennext' makes me want to play.

Even if I'm horrible with jump scares. But the play on nerves and emotion is really the only thing. If they could put good gameplay in this, it'd be an EPIC horror game in my opinion.

A little spooky, but nothing too original. All of the ghosts look like the Grudge. Gameplay gets a big fat zero. Nice storyline, if only you could figure out WHILE playing the game, rather than having to read everything in the end notes.

Nice effects. OK game, and should scare you, unless you watch horror movies as often as I do. I'd rather I werem't alone, even in broad daylight.

Either this game is excesively scary, or I'm terrible chicken liver. Also, the door closing sound is the same as what you hear when a friend leaves MSN, which sort of ruins the effect.

The clicking was really irritating, too. I haven't played the game yet. I opened it, and the piano music started, and I couldn't go in.

I hate that music! I've played the first one at least 10 times and I still have to cover my eyes. I went to the special room because I wanted to know the plot.

I was unpleasantly surprised midway through reading It was quite common for families to kill disabled children in that time period. Setting aside the ghost part, it could be true.

The first plot, was A woman kills her family so they can die with her?!?! Not as believable to me. I'm stuck in the bathroom I've clicked on the shower curtain, the Bible, and the faucet times Pretty good, just involves a little bit of waiting, but the suspense is actually a good thing.

It kind of gives the feeling of you kow something is gonna happen, especially the last scene. You just want it over with.

Also any game that makes you talk to the ghosts in the game is pretty good. Freaking scary man!!! It looks like their real daughter is the ghost.

They killed because she was seriously ill and she came back and killed everyone even the adopted daughter!!!!!!!

Ok now that game is much more nerve-wracking and frustrating than the first I actually got a walkthrough for the first And much more scary games.

Hoooly Crap! This game REALLY IS SCARY! Gave me quite a shock here and there! So if you get scared or startled or shocked easily, I really wouldn't play this at night!

For more information, finish the game. Does anyone know how to get to the Special Room which is supposed to explain what happened to this family?

When I click on the key to the special room after getting through the Safe Room , I get nothing but black If your special room will not load, open the door by entering www.

Sometimes Google will be Josh and will say it doesn't exist. When it does. Bathroom : Sink that floods with blood Rhymes :D , shower that has the curtains slide open quickly, a bible, and the toilet.

Bedroom : Music Box, Note in the drawer, an award to that ugly girl YOU NEED A MAKEOVER DUMB GIRL , and a teddy bear. Working Room : The dead body, the picture of the dead baby, the light switch, a bottle of poison, a rope which if clicked, has a hanged person pop-up , the note in the drawer, and the key that glimmers on the dead body.

Safe Room : Input the date of birth. You should know this by now Or you were closing your eyes too much Then click on the note in the safe. Soon enough You might want to click if your game sucks at loading the safe goes If you're a REAL wimp about these games, you're in luck.

Never fear; Josh is here! These are the jump scares. This will ruin the scares, but no one wants to see you have a heart attack, right?

But it is PG, and it is your choice to go in or not. I love these sorts of things. I'm only 1 year over 13 anyway. Living Room : This isn't scary at all.

No need to list the scares. And if you're dead scared by the time you're in the bathroom, get out of the house.

There's a big button that's red and has a lonely X over it. Remember it? Bedroom : Oh, I'm sure creepy lookin' girls with blood on their faces that pop-up are much scarier than OOH!

Scary Maze game Exorcist girl! She looked retarded anyway The pleasure is mine? Working Room : The body that falls from the ceiling and when the hands pop-up to steal your photo of the poor baby.

Safe Room : I don't really approve this one to be a pop-up. The girl just covers her face with her hands, then opens and screams.

No fun at all when there's just random screaming for no reason. Go tape her mouth. This is what the story of the house 2 is about.

The legend, to be exact. SPOILERS Didn't think a donation page would have a pop-up on it -. This house had been the site of a group suicide and has been left empty for decades since.

This house was once the home of a small family: father, mother, daughter, and the maid. Something unusual happened in this house. And she also came across something that should not been known about the daughter: that the daughter was not the real daughter of this couple, but she was the orphan that this couple had adopted.

The maid also knew that the couple used to have their own child before, named Alrena. But before the maid learnt more about this family, she was killed.

The step daughter also did not know that the couple her parents whom she stayed with had their own child before and she often saw a long-hair girl during the night time.

Alrena was born in severely disabled. The couple raised her for some time but knew so that she must have been suffering and would never have a good future.

Ever since then, that room has been locked and no one has ever been in there. Time went by and the couple adopted a child but they never forgot what they had done in the past and were sometimes still confronted with Finally that family all decided to commit suicide.

But Alrena's spirit is still there in the house LOL to waste time clicking on things in the room that is not important!

This wasn't very scary i was hoping for something to scare the hell out of me and i really hate the multiple clicking nice game though.

Ok, so it has a good jump factor. But why, oh why do you have to click three things 5 million times just to get a minor shock?

Btw, I'm stuck in the bathroom!!!! God I just finished playing the game and it was even scarier then the first one!

I was about to quit when I was in the bathroom when I thought "Dude, I made it this far can't quit now!! We're stuck in the working room Please help me!

What do i do?? So don't get frustrated if it takes some time, then you just have to start clicking the same things again. Talk about a scary game!

This is just what I like, I hate when it's all bloody that's only gross not scary, this makes your nerves work constantly, and drives your mind crazy cause you KNOW something will happen in one point - but when?

I was playing this alone at night, which I recommend if you're extremly hardcore I thought I was - but if you don't feel like jumping and screaming at least play it during daytime:.

This reminds me of the time I watched The Grudge and The Ring alone in 6th grade.. I don't think I could sleep properly until 8th grade - and thats years ago, although I'm only 16 now, and I have recovered, this brings back the memories of feeling stalked, and I was actually a bit scared opening the curtain to my shower after this game Just imagine this game made into a movie XD It would be hilarious if some guy what flicking the lights and looking at the same paper over and over again xD.

My first thought on hearing that tinkling piano was "I wonder if I can play this whole game without breathing? I even jumped when the board slid on the DOOR for crying out loud!

And I wasn't even IN the house yet! Yet here I go! I was so scared all the time i played this, that sometimes i couldn't even watch.

The Special Room was a great end for the story, but i didn't want to watch the pictures. I think it's fun to be scared, but still, i don't know if i ever wanna play this again Actually i think it is a great game and you should play it with friends and joke around it together playing it by yourself actually is scarier and i dont want to type anymore cause i once played a game where i typed and something popped out of the screen It really scary!!!!

I just clicked without see the game!!!! Alrena was born in severly disabled. So the couple poisoned her and put her dead body into the safe, putting the code as Alrena's birth year.

Ever since then, that room has been locked and no one has ever been in there Everything blends in well It's a very good game if Halloween is coming up 'cuz it's just freaking shocking I happen to play it late at night with my friends The House.

Action Games , Escape Games , Hidden Object Games , Kids Games. Escaping The Prison 4. Detective Conrad 4. Dora Maze Escape 4.

Haunt The House 4. Lucky Tower 4. Blob: Escape From Labb 4.

Und das alles funktioniert auf dem Smartphone und Tablett ohne Probleme. Riddlord: Die Konsequenz. Beschreibung Vorbereitung Beim Sport 10 Buchstaben lang erwartete Fortsetzung von The House of Da Vinci ist endlich da! Kompatibilität Erfordert iOS The House 2: Back in , Jay is Games introduced us to one of the creepiest, scariest, most popular point-and-click experiences the Web had ever seen, The House, which is still massively popular years later. It's been 5 years, and now Sinthai Boonmaitree has finally created a sequel, The House 2. Dare you enter the mind of this talented Thai flash designer?/5(K). The House, Rating: % with 2 votes, Played: 17 times from Octoberth Description: The House is both a simple adventure and escape game with 3D pixel game art animation as matter of fact. It is necessary for you to check all the subjects you can see in every room. You seemed to be trapped in this huge house.
The House Game 2

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Ich möchte gerne mehr in dieser Form von euch sehen The House 2 Englisch: Im Horror-Game "The House 2" erwartet Sie alles andere als getraute Gastfreundschaft. Die lang erwartete Fortsetzung von The House of Da Vinci ist endlich da! Schließe dich mehr als einer Million Spielern auf der ganzen Welt an und tauche in. The House of Da Vinci 2 9+. Escape The Room Hidden Mystery. Blue Brain Games. Nr. 53 in Puzzle. • 3, Bewertungen. £ The House of Da Vinci 2 9+. Escape The Room Hidden Mystery. Blue Brain Games. Nr. 6 in Puzzle.


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